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Elmwood Elementary School

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District Update - July 20, 2020

Dear South Lake Families:

As the new school year approaches, South Lake Schools has been working around the clock to develop a range of instructional plans to meet the unique health and educational needs of every student and family. We hope that this letter will provide families with greater clarity about what the school year will look like at South Lake. 

Regardless of medium, there will be instruction every day for every child. While specifics are yet to be determined, know that we are taking into account the needs of parents and caregivers. For those parents and caregivers who would prefer their student receive face-to-face instruction, in-person classes will likely be offered every other day. In addition, if there are enough parents and caregivers with childcare needs, daily in-person instruction may be available. Every parent and caregiver will also have the option of enrolling their student in fully online instruction.

South Lake Schools is committed to partnering with you in your child’s education. Here are some ways that you can help your students succeed in learning while working from home:

  1. Set aside a specific workspace for your child(ren).
  2. Make sure the space is equipped with items your child(ren) need to complete tasks.
  3. Begin at the same time each morning.
  4. Plan breaks appropriate for the age of your child(ren).
  5. Limit distractions.
  6. Check in at intervals to provide help as needed.
  7. Be patient as your child(ren) adjusts to change.
  8. Be supportive and praise your child(ren)’s efforts.

Student and staff safety and wellbeing are at the center of our planning process. Alongside the core instructional planning, we are also creating support systems to account for the new reality. This includes planning for transportation and food services, as well as developing a range of health and safety protocols based on state and federal guidelines for every school and every classroom. We are also creating response plans and protocols in case of a COVID-19 infection at a South Lake building.

Fundamentally, we believe that the key to successful education is teachers connecting with students. Every student needs to know that a teacher is there to answer their questions. Every student needs to know that someone cares about their success. The road to academic excellence cannot be traveled alone—teachers must be there to serve as guides, helping each child to see how to address today’s challenges while having a vision for tomorrow’s opportunities.

As we work to design a plan which ensures educational excellence and student and staff safety while meeting the needs of our community’s families, we will provide frequent updates on the reopening process. If you have any questions, please contact your building’s administrator or the central office.

Although this year has posed many challenges, the upcoming school year offers many exciting opportunities. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside our students, advancing educational excellence by providing a “real education for the real world!”


Theodore VonHiltmayer, Superintendent